Info Day in the context of the ECO-FISH

“The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing a Local Event/ Info Day in the context of the ECO-FISH Project.

The Event is going to take place on the 22th of February 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at the Orikum, Vlore.

The Event will focus on the presentation of the Project’s actions and expected results and how these interest and affect the entrepreneurial sector of fish-farming”

Local Event/ Info Day
ECO-FISH Project
22/02/2019, 11:00 a.m.
Orikum, Vlore

Press Report Workshop of “IntActPlan” Project

Press Report

Workshop of “IntActPlan” Project


As the summary activity Workshop of project: “IntActPlan: Integrated Action Plan to increase the activity of SMEs in border areas and create opportunities to penetrate new markets” “, developed in the framework of IPA Cross – Border« Greece – Albania 2007 – 2013 »will be held in Vlora (Albania), the morning of 4 March 2014, 11:30 am at  Hotel Pavaresia, Vlore.

Project partners are: Chamber of Thesprotia (Lead Partner), Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vlora District (LP2) and the Center for Business Innovation EU Epirus (WP2).

This workshop aims to:

Exchange of Best Practices,

Benefiting the most from Business Missions and Exhibitions,

Transfer of Know-How: Benefits of the outward-looking business approach

And will develop tips for management and the function of social media, international marketing and current practices of import-export.

In the workshop will be attended by representatives of project partners IntActPlan, who will discuss the implementation of the project, its management and it served as business entrepreneurs. Also present will be enterprise which participated in the B2B and Expo, these activities developed within the project implementation IntActPlan.



                                                                                                Ing. Arben BRESHANI

4th Piloting Trans-border Committee (PTC) Meeting of the project: “IntActPlan”


4th Piloting Trans-border Committee (PTC) Meeting of the project: “IntActPlan”

The 4th PTC meeting of the project: IntActPlan: INTegrated ACTion PLAN to strengthening the outward-looking of SMEs in the border region and creating opportunities to penetrate New Markets”, implemented in the frame of the IPA Cross – Border Programme «GREECE – ALBANIA 2007 – 2013», will take place in Igoumenitsa (Greece), in the morning of the 14th of February 2014.

The IntActPlan project (budget: 211.186,50€) is co-funded by the European Union (75%-109.819,13€/Greek Partners – 85%-55.046,85€/Albanian partner) and by National Funds of Greece (25%-36.606,37€) & Albania (15%-9.714,15€).

The project’s partners are: the Chamber of Thesprotia (Lead Partner), the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Vlore District and the EU Business Innovation Centre of Epirus.

The project aims to the integrated approach of the competitiveness and the territorial cohesion in the frame of a new internationalization strategy of the SMEs of the cross-border Greek-Albanian area. The following actions constitute the core of IntActPlan:

  • Development tools for the enhancement of the outward-looking of SMEs (Business Plan on the growth of the outward-looking of SMEs, etc.).
  • Targeted Business Seminars.
  • Specific Business Events (Business Missions, Exhibition Participations, Workshops).
  • Information & mobilization actions & events to ensure maximum possible participation of stakeholders.

In the meeting will be participating the project partners’ representatives in PTC, who will discuss the progress of the project implementation, management and financial issues and will put the objectives for the project next final actions.



                                                                ING. ARBEN BRESHANI